Who Is Going To Win The Title This Year?

The 2012 Nascar season should be a lot of fun for fans and drivers as well. After Tony Stewart captured the title in 2011, it goes to show you if you make The Chase, anything is possible. This coming season there are many different drivers that could claim the Nascar Championship. When it comes to who is going to win the title this year let us look at some of the contenders.

One of the dark horses could be Dale Earnhardt Jr. I know it has been ages it seems since he has been in contention, but when you have his talent and drive for Hendrick Motorsports, you always have a chance. Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson both have to be considered people who can win it all as well. Each has won Nascar Championships so they know exactly what it takes to win one.

Tony Stewart is one person who is always a threat to win at any time as his 2011 Nascar Championship proves. There are two people though that I think will be tough to beat in 2012 and that is Carl Edwards and Kevin Harvick. Both have been close in recent years and 2012 could be their year. As you can see there are many people who have a shot, but I really like Carl Edwards chances the best.

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