Why NASCAR Drivers Seem To Act Like Children.

NASCAR drivers get to drive fast cars for living. That’s basically every little boys dream. From a young age, boys play with cars. They race them. They think about owning them one day. One day, one of those little boys actually grows up to be a NASCAR driver. Unfortunately for some NASCAR drivers, they never outgrow childhood.

Once a child knows that he or she can get away with something, they will continue to do it. The same rule seems to apply to some NASCAR drivers. NASCAR drivers are needed to bring in the fans. Some drivers know this and use it to their advantage. After all, why play by the rules when you don’t have to do so?

At the end of the day, it isn’t the fault of the NASCAR drivers; it’s the fault of the fans. The fans are the ones who put up with such behavior. If the fans let the drivers know that they will not tolerate such behavior, the drivers who do so, would stop acting like children. Fans are an important part of NASCAR, and if they want the drivers to act like mature adults, they better start demanding it. Simply put, NASCAR drivers act like children because the fans allow it.

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