Dale Earnhardt JR Continues To Live Off Daddy’s Name.

-paragraph-Dale Earnhardt Jr. recently received the title of “NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver” for the 9th straight year. However, some continue to ask the question of how someone who hasn’t won a race in over 3 years can have such profound popularity. Earnhardt Jr., who has a meager 3 victories in the past 7 years, will turn 38 in 2012, and some claim that the race car driver is far past his former prime. With an average finish of 20th place over the past 108 races, many claim that Dale Earnhardt Jr. continues to live off of his father’s name.
-paragraph-Dale Earnhardt Sr. is proclaimed by many to be NASCAR’s greatest driver of all time. With a total of 76 victories, 281 top 5 finishes, 428 top 10 finishes, an average finish of 11th, and an astounding 7 NASCAR championships it’s often hard to argue the claim. Consequently, his son is still far behind in his father’s shadow as he has yet to win a series championship after 13 years of racing. He (Earnhardt Jr.), however, continues to feed off his father’s legacy as his fan base still continues extremely strong and his popularity still growing, despite his ineffectiveness to be dominant on the track.
-paragraph-Until Earnhardt Jr. wins a series championship of his own or starts winning races again in a dominant fashion, he will be continually looked upon as a figure forever in Earnhardt Sr.’s shadows. With a legendary name like Earnhardt, however, it seems as if the only thing one has to do is appear on Sundays and race.

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