Can Jimmie Johnson Win It All Again?

After seeing his streak come to an end as Nascar Champion many people wonder can Jimmie Johnson win it all again. The truth is Jimmie Johnson was on a magical ride that no one thought could last forever even himself. The streak made great press for Johnson and his team, but it also but pressure on him year after year, which is tough to handle in a high profile sport. What are Jimmie Johnson chances this year to win the Nascar Championship? I would say the odds are very good we will see Johnson at the top come this season.

Now that the pressure has been lifted, Jimmie Johnson and his team can get back to winning another championship. In 2012, you will see a refreshed Jimmie Johnson, as he will no longer have the bulls eye on his chest. He can do many things now on the track that he probably would not have tried during his championship run. No longer will Johnson be the top dog, and he fits that role very well. Look for Jimmie Johnson to contend for another Nascar Championship in 2012. With all the pressure off his team, they can get back to business running consistently and vying for championships once again.

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